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Mark Less

A Window in My Soul

Hi there! I'm Mark Less, I am  Colorado-born, Iowa raised, Utah-living.  Growing up I witnessed firsthand from my family what hard work looks like. Each year as the harvest came around, I saw how dedicated you must be to harvest the summer of hard work.  While I was not raised on a farm, that dedication is something that has always stuck with me.  To be successful, you must work hard.

Working the last 8 years in the news has been a blast! I never expected my life to veer into the world of news, but I could not be more thankful it did, since I have fallen in love with the fast past storytelling news has. If it was not for the news, I would have never found my way to beautiful Utah, and discovered the best snow on earth!  News has sharpened many skills and forced me to think outside the box many times.  I've learned how to manage my time wisely and work under extreme deadlines. 

Film and video are my loves.  Having the camera in my hand and capturing something truly astonishing is a mental high. No matter the situation; long hours, tight deadlines, early mornings, late nights, it’s always worth it after the final product to see the glow of an excited client’s face.​

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